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Hi there, friend! I'm so excited to meet you and can't wait to learn more about you! My name is Vanessa Jordan and I am a personal branding photographer and educator based out of Orlando. I work with my community of small business owners to bring their personalities and businesses to life! I am so honored to be able to work with such amazing clients each year and I would be even more honored to add you to that list!

Now to get to the good stuff. This is where I tell my story of how I started my business. But I thought to change it up and tell you a few things that you may not know about me first. I am a loyal Hufflepuff, I have a huge sweet tooth, I know a ridiculous amount of knowledge about Disney and all of their parks, I do weekly Target runs (and no shame when I end up there more than once a week), and I want to travel the world and eat great food. Also you can find me running around Walt Disney World at any chance I can get!

Like other photographers, I learned my skills in a classroom and my passion started much farther back than that. (Back to when I begged for a disposable camera for each family trip and I took pictures of EVERYTHING.) However, what really was the "aha!" moment was after my senior portrait session.

It was horrible to say the least. I remember my dad just saying "that doesn't look like Vanessa at all". To this day I still remember this and I would NEVER want any of my clients to feel that way after a session. That is why I take that extra time to get to know each client so I can showcase who they are and their personality. I custom tailor each client experience to fit their needs. I want to give you what you want out of your photo experience with me so you can walk away with feeling that your brand, story and personality has truly been captured.

Each package that is booked is a custom experience for each and every client. No one is the same and your experience shouldn't be either! This is not a cookie cutter business, this is all about you and capturing YOUR story. I can't wait to your unique story together!


Things to know about me…

Destination Weddings Photographer, Disney Nerd, Walt Disney World, Vanessa Jordan Photography
Destination Wedding Photographer, Destination Weddings, Travel Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Vanessa Jordan Photography
Destination Weddings Photographer, Disney Nerd, Walt Disney World, Vanessa Jordan Photography

I’m a HUGE Disney Nerd. I can tell you so much knowledge about the company and the amusement parks that it maybe obsessive…but it’s a love that I fully embrace!

I always have a taste for sweets! I’m always in the mood for anything sweet and chocolatey….or ice cream, I’m always in the mood for it! Who isn’t?

I LOVE to travel. Being a branding photographer is amazing because I am able to travel to capture so many stories of my clients across the country! So needless to say, traveling is my favorite.


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