Why you should have your pictures taken


Having your pictures taken may seem like something that we cringe at the thought of, but take a moment and hear me out. Think back to a company you really liked, a company that you really connected with. Why did you connect with it so much? It is probably because you can see yourself in the brand, in the owner, etc. Those companies usually have a face to their brand. It makes people connect with their company on another level. Which then leads to loyalty to the company. What I am getting at is being a small business owner is hard, you don’t want to be another faceless business. You want to be able to connect with your customers or clients so they will want to invest in what you want to offer.

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When I first started out my business, I really didn’t show many pictures of myself. I was just another faceless photographer in the crowd. It wasn’t until I was showing pictures of myself (not just selfies) that I began to have more engagement on all of my content. My audience was able to connect a face and a person to the business I ran. That way they were able to trust more in me in photographing some of the most important moments in their lives because they knew who I was and who they were investing in.

I’m not saying that you have to share every personal moment in your life but having those pictures of yourself and fun facts helps your audience connect will make them want to invest more in you and your business. Having your pictures taken can help a lot in your business plus you will get to connect with another small business owner in your area and maybe you can help them out! It’s all about growing your base and your community which will always help in the long run.

Since I have moved to Nashville I have meet up with a few photographers in the area that I already new but I wanted to connect with someone new. For this session I happened to connect with another local photographer which couldn’t have gone any better! We are helping each other out and it’s another person I now know in the area, which is always a good thing! Who knows what can happen when you reach out and who knows, maybe it can all help your business skyrocket. I can’t wait to see all the AMAZING things you will accomplish next!

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