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Today I have a topic that most photographers have run into their first or even second year of business. Lack of clients. There can be multiple different reasons for this; you just started your business, there is no awareness of what you offer, you don’t share enough content or that your prices are too low. We will dive into each of these and ways you can improve to be a more thriving business with all the amazing clients you have dreamed of!

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1. You just started your business

This is pretty self explanatory, you just started your business and decided to take the plunge of being a small business owner. You have a website, logo, Instagram and Facebook Page. You are all set. But there are not clients just crickets. Unless you have a physical studio space where you have a sign that people can see what you offer, no one will know that you or your business exist. You need to attract their attention and get them to want to work with you.

A great way to do this is to have great consistent content. This is KEY to having constant content to show those future clients what you can do.  How do I post great content if I don’t have any? I hear you ask, well one way is to do free shoots. These shoots can be with family, friends or even local models that are willing to work with you. (See my previous blog post here on how to find local models.) You want to constantly be showing your future clients on Instagram, Facebook, wherever that you are busy and in demand. Even when you are not busy or in demand. That makes clients want to work with you because they have FOMO; fear of missing out. They have the fear of missing out on working with you. Let your work speak for itself and be consistent.

2. No one is aware of what you offer

This kinda goes hand in hand with my previous point. You need to make yourself known. I’m not talking about dumping thousands of dollars in ads or signage or even a physical studio if that’s not what you want to do. You CAN be successful working out of your home.

A great way to get yourself known is to do some styled shoots. Another way to add more content to your collection to share. Doing styled shoots with with local vendors creates those community connections that can get you more clients and generate some talk about your business.

For example, you decide to work with a local florist for a styled shoot, your future clients already follow this florist. After the shoot your give these amazing photos to the florist and they post them raving about your work. Your future clients see them and want to check your business out. Simple logic right? That all may not happen as quickly as it sounds but, that’s the great thing about styled shoots is creating this great content with other creatives to inspire people to invest in your businesses! All to build each other up. If you want me to dive deeper on styled shoots and working with local vendors, let me know in the comments below.

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3. You don’t share enough or consistently

This is SUPER important. You want your followers to come back for more, craving to see your next photo. If you only post once in a while the Instagram algorithm will push you way down to the point that your followers won’t see your content even if they follow you. You want them to constantly see your work so you are at the front of their mind.

What I have done is find a time that is when most of my followers are on Instagram and every day I post at that time. That way I’m always at the front of their mind every time they log on. A great way I keep myself organized for that is by using the Planoly App. It’s great to organize your Instagram posts each month and it can even post for you! That way you can plan and they will post at that specific time.

4. You're prices are too low

You want to be competitive in the very saturated market but that don’t mean you have to charge so low that you can eat, or even live! What one photographer charges may or may not be the best for you and be able to cover all the costs you have to run your business. Also on the other hand, if your prices are too low future clients may think “What is this photographer not providing that someone else is offering for a little more?” or “Do they have enough experience?”

You want to show that you have a one of a kind experience that your clients don’t want to miss out on. A fellow photographer Jenni Maroney has a great tool to be able to calculate how much you should be charging. I have personally used this and it has helped my business soooooooo much. If it turns out that you should be charging more, don’t worry. In the end run clients will come to you that are willing to pay that amount.

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I hope this post helped you learn areas you can improve in to gain more clients. If you have any questions please reach out. Check out my Instagram to see more of my work!

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