Why I love Honeybook

Honeybook, Vanessa Jordan Photography, Destination Wedding Photographer, Nashville Photographer

Hey there friend! Are you ready to tackle your side hustle this year? Why not start it off right with Honeybook?!?! If you haven't heard me mention this AMAZING company already on all of my social media....I LOVE HONEYBOOK. This platform has helped me build my business and help keep it running smoothly. From sending out contracts, to getting payments, keeping all my client contacts organized plus their mobile app has been perfect for how much I am on the go! In this blog post I am diving deep on all the great and amazing things that Honeybook has to offer for any small business owner. Plus, at the end I have a special offer for you if you want to try out Honeybook! So let’s jump right in!

Honeybook, Vanessa Jordan Photography, Destination Wedding Photographer, Nashville Photographer

To start off, when you log in you have your dashboard. This is a summary of everything that is going on for your business. At a glance it can tell you what projects you are working on right now, what events are coming up on your calendar, tasks to do, etc. It’s a great way to get a feel of what you have to tackle each day! You can click into each of these tabs to get the full view of your projects, calendar, etc.

Honeybook, Vanessa Jordan Photography, Destination Wedding Photographer, Nashville Photographer

There are four tabs at the top of the screen when are your main tabs of use. Your second tab is the Projects tab while brings up this screen. Here you can keep track of all of your projects and sort my what step in your workflow it is in. This is my workflow but you can customize it to fit with what works best for your business. You will be able to click on a project to go it’s “home screen” where you can see last sent emails, documents shared with your clients, the timeline, etc. It keeps it all organized and in one place.

Honeybook, Vanessa Jordan Photography, Destination Wedding Photographer, Nashville Photographer

The next tab is the Tools tab. This hover tab gives you all sorts of options that can help your business! From your contracts to batch emails and even search for opportunities in your area! But we will get to that later.

First you have your templates. This houses all of your contracts, invoices, brochures, questionnaires, proposals, packages, email responses and contact forms. These are all be edited and customized to fit our business. That way when you need to send one of these off to a client, it is all ready to go!

Next is bookkeeping which keeps track of all the payments you have coming in using Honeybook and you can enter your expenses as well! It’s really helps com tax season. With using Honeybook to send our contracts and invoices, you don’t have to un down you clients to pay anymore! Honeybook does that for you. It sends reminder emails to your client until they pay so there isn’t that awkward going back and worth trying to get paid.

Next is you calendar. Once you create a new project all the events related to it is automatically filled in your calendar. You can connect your google calendar as well! As you book with new clients and start new projects your calendar will alert you if you have an event that falls on the same day. That way you will never double book yourself unless it is intentional!

The next few tools are; reports, tasks and contact form. Reports is a great way to gather data and see how you are doing over the course of a year or several years. It can show your income and spending as well as where your leads are coming from if you document that when you start a new project. Tasks is pretty much a to-do list but you can associate tasks with due dates and the projects you are working on. Honeybook will send you reminders when they are close to being due to keep you on track! Contact Form is an easy way to get to your contact form templates.

Honeybook, Vanessa Jordan Photography, Destination Wedding Photography, Nashville Photographer

The next tool that is pretty awesome is the Opportunity tool. This is perfect for finding some work to fill in your year, working with other amazing creatives in the Honeybook community and the Rising Tide Society as well as posting when you are needing help or are searching for someone to work with! You can change your settings to what fits best for your business and what you would want to be involved in! I have been able to work with so many creatives using this tool, even ones I go to again and again!

Honeybook, Vanessa Jordan Photography, Destination Wedding Photographer, Nashville Photographer

Lastly, in all of the many amazing things Honeybook has to offer they have their app which has saved me soooooooo many times. I can’t tell you how much I have been on the go, haven’t had my laptop with me and was able to double check a meeting location for a client, a timeline for a wedding, or even someone’s contact info. This is the perfect pairing for the platform for any side hustler that is constantly on the go. You can even access your email templates to send to you client right from the app! It is so amazing what Honeybook has put into this platform to make it the best for their customers using it! I can’t say enough good things and I honestly don’t think I would be able to run my business the way I do with out it.

Since I have shared all of my favorite things about Honeybook I thought I can share a special offer with you! If you decide to try out only Honeybook you will get 50% off your first year! It’s that incredible!?!?! That’s a $200 savings! What a great way to kick off the new year! Click the link here to grab your special offer! I can’t wait to see what you accomplish with Honeybook!

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