Why giving client gifts is so important


You maybe asking yourself, why do I care about giving client gifts? And why should I? Wouldn't it cost me more money in the long run? Not necessarily. Take a moment and push all of your doubts aside. Give me a moment to show you why giving client gifts is so important, how it will benefit in the long run and what you should gift your clients.

First, think of your clients. They are investing a lot of money in your product or service. They are relying on you to give the best experience possible. Something that has always reigned true for me is to under promise and over deliver. What I mean by that is say that it takes you one week to edit a portrait session. You tell your client to expect their photos in two weeks. This way it give you enough time in case something happens where you need two weeks or you can get it done in one week and surprise them that they are done early!

I think the same thing goes for a client gift. It doesn't have to be something super extravagant but something that goes with your brand and shows your clients that you took time and effort to pick out this gift for them. This gift is another way to enhance their client experience. I typically have one gift that I give to most of my clients but for my couples, since they are investing a lot more for their special day, they get more of a deluxe gift. I understand that gifts are not for everyone or in the budget. But it is always something to think about.

With going the extra step to make your client's experience really special they will want to share that experience. They will tell their friends, family and possibly all of their Facebook friends too! Now that all those family and friends have that solid experience from someone they know personally, they will more likely go to you for that same service. Which will result in more clients for you. Going the extra mile really pays off in the end run.

Somethings that you can give as client gifts are:

  • Tumblers (with or without company logo)
  • Coffee Cups (with or without company logo)
  • Notebooks (with or without company logo)
  • Candles
  • Chocolates
  • Cookies (with or without company logo)
  • A cozy blanket
  • A small plant

These are just a few ideas to get ideas flowing. Once you know your audience really well, you will know which gift will be right which in turn will mean a lot to them. Which then will always bring them back to invest in your business.

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