Wedding Show Pros and Cons

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So you are engaged, congratulations!!! This is so exciting! By now I’m sure you have been getting all the advice from anyone and everyone. “You should do this” or “You should do that.” Just know that at the end of the day, it’s your and and your finance’s day. No one else’s. With that being said I hope these blog posts over the course of this month will help you in your decision making!

Today we are covering wedding shows. Should you go? Or should you stay at home? Coming from the vendor side of wedding shows, I see how overwhelmed couples are when they come to the shows and it certainly can be! Everyone is trying get you to hire them for your big day! Talk about an overload. Below I will be covering the pros and cons for attending a wedding show.



  • You will get to meet with several different vendors in the area all at once.

    • I know I said something similar to this for a Pro but this can also be a Con. It can be very overwhelming to meet with ever single vendor in the area and it could be really hard to choose.

  • The vendors can be really pushy.

    • Being a vendor at events like this I have seen other vendors be very pushy to have couples sign with them right away. That can be very overwhelming and can often turn couples away because it’s a lot of pressure.

  • You walk away very overwhelmed

    • I have had friends who went to a wedding show with having the mindset of finding a caterer. They ended up walking away with being more confused on their choices and overwhelmed than before.

  • You will get to meet with several different vendors in the area

    • This is an awesome way to see what products and services are available in your area and what would be best for you. No need for online researching for hours.

  • You will be able to talk face to face with who you would be working with

    • You will be able to ask questions up front and get an immediate answer as apposed to waiting for days to get an email back.

  • You can win free things!

    • I have seen couples win honeymoons, tux rentals, dresses, etc. It can be a really cool experience to even go and with a chance to win something that goes towards your big day!


All in all deciding on your vendors can be a HUGE task. It you want to go to a wedding show then great! If not that’s fine too! This is only to help you understand what it’s like to attend. It can be all very overwhelming but if you have a plan to stick to or if you go in with an open mind I’m sure you will find some wonderful vendors for your wedding day!