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Hey there friends! I wanted to write this blog post because, if you haven't noticed two weeks ago I launched my branding packages in my shop and I want to talk a little bit about them! First off if you don't already know, I am a full-time graphic designer and I wanted to share that side of me with you. Something that has been brought to my attention, is how hard it is to create your own branding, create your logo, know what colors to use, know what’s going to look right and just know the tips and tricks that a graphic designer would know but, a small business owner really wouldn’t know. I created these branding packages in hopes that they will help you and they will give you kind of a jump start on your branding experience. So for example, one of the branding packages I have is called AB Modern. It's a very modern style, very minimalist, black and white and can really be used for pretty much any business.

When I created these branding packages I wanted them to be editable so then you can implement your business name into them but the colors and everything will still stay the same. So when you purchase one of these, I have a full tutorial that shows you how to open them, open the file in Illustrator and InDesign and show you exactly what to do so all you really need to know is what your business is going to be called. Once you purchase the package you will have your logo, a secondary logo, your colors, your fonts, a business business card template and a letterhead template. Then you are ready to hit the ground running!

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I wanted to take the time to talk about each branding package that I have currently, for those who are reading this probably in the future, these were just the first four I started with. I'm planning to a new package each month. As I touched on there's AB Modern; that’s a very modern and minimalist style. Then there's AL Squared; which I think of it as a more relaxed style. It has has a lot of greens and blues and has that nice relaxing feel but still has that very professional look.  All these are very professional, don’t get me wrong! Otherwise I wouldn’t be selling these to you! The next is S Palm; which I like to call kind of the Blogger/Travel blogger/Millennial type style. It screams Palm Springs. It's fun, happy, exciting and adventurous. This would be perfect for a blog, or a travel blogger or even a YouTuber. Lastly there is Coffee Bean, which is kind of self-explanatory. It takes inspiration from a coffee shop, so that warm and cozy feeling that you have whenever you walk into a coffee shop. This would be great for a coffee shop, a small boutique or anything that deals with coffee. It could even work for a book shop!

These branding packages can really go any direction and that's the point of them. That's why I wanted to create them. I wanted to inspire other small business owners or photographers or whomever to not be scared of their branding. They can purchase this for me and I'll have everything spelled out so then moving forward they'll know; I should be using this text for this or these colors for that. These packages are designed to make it a lot easier to take those steps in the future because you have a concrete decision made and layout of what you need to do.

If you haven't checked it out already the link to my shop is here and you can check out all of the branding packages that I have thus far.  I'm also thinking about adding add-ons such as; Instagram story art or Facebook cover images, honestly you name it let me know! What would you want to see? What add ons could I have to help you kickstart your branding journey?

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