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Hi there friends! Lately I have been finding myself curling up with a cup of coffee (or tea) and diving into a really good book. I have been obsessed with self-help books and business books lately. They have inspired me to me able to improve myself and my business. I thought that I could share my top favorites in hopes that these can help you in your search for improvement in your business or life!

#Girlboss By: Sophia Amoruso

I used to be so against self-help books until I heard really amazing things about this book on one of the many podcasts I listen to. (If you don’t already know, I listen to a TON of podcasts. Check out my recommendations list here.) Sophia doesn’t sugar coat it. She gives you the tools to be able to succeed in the business world and to become a #girlboss. Sophia is the owner and Executive Chairman of the retail company Nasty Gal. She shares her story of how her idea became a success almost overnight. Her stories are raw and true which makes all the more inspiring to read her story. Everyone starts at the bottom it’s just finding how to get to the top. Sophia can help get to you there.

You are a Badass. How to to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life. By: Jen Sincero

This book can be a little much to try to grasp on the first go around. I had to read this book twice to be able to really understand what Jen was trying to teach me. In this book, Jen breaks down how to get the most out of life and to begin living for you. This can be applied to the professional world as well as the personal world. She brings a whole new way of thinking that if you are open to it, can change your life. I find myself picking up this book now and again when I need a pep talk. Jen has a great way with words to be your best friend; to tell you all you want to hear and help you pick yourself up and keep going. I HIGHLY recommend giving this book a good ole’ college try.

Start something that matters By: Blake Mycoskie

I have had a pair of Toms shoes since I was in high school. I loved the story as what the company stood for as well as that these shoes last FOREVER. My first pair lasted me about seven years before I had to toss them. I only had to get rid of the because there was a hole where my big toe would be. Other wise I could have probably worn those shoes for another seven years. Anyway, you maybe asking why am I talking about Toms shoes. Well, this next book is written by the founder of THE Toms Shoes. Blake has such an amazing way of telling his story of how Toms came to be. It is so inspiring to read his story and think of how all he wanted to do was help people. In his book, Blake teaches why it is so important to have a story with your business, you are giving people a reason to connect with you. And to be able to give back within your business makes everything even better. I happened to read this book at a pretty down time for my business and I definitely gave me a new vision of where I wanted to go.

Linchpin By: Seth Godin

If you ever wonder why there are always those people that somehow make it out on top? That is probably because they are a Linchpin. What is a Linchpin you ask? Well, Seth teaches you all about it in this book and why you should be one. A Linchpin is someone who is indispensable, someone who in essentially needed for a company or cause. Why is this important? Well for one, if you are in any job, you don’t want to be looked over for a promotion. You want to be thought of first because you know you are capable of it so why not? Seth has a great way of teaching you ways to be a better worker and showcasing your skills to be the best that you can be.

You are a badass at making money By: Jen Sincero

Round two for a book by Jen. If you didn’t get enough from her first book, Jen helps you tackle sometimes the most scary topic….money. You need to to live, to survive and enjoy life. How do you obtain it and enough that you aren’t just getting by? I highly, HIGHLY recommend this book for any small business owner because it will help you in making those hard decisions about money that you often have to do for businesses.

And that’s the list! Which was was your favorite? Let me know below! Would you add any others?

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