The Best DIYs for Your Wedding

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To DIY or to not DIY. That is a typical question that most couples face for their wedding. Of course you want to cut costs as much as you can, but what should and shouldn’t you DIY? What are the best DIYs to use? Today I’m here to help you! Since I have VERY MUCH a DIYer myself, I have watched many videos and tutorials on wedding decor and DIYs. First let’s cover the list of what you should and SHOULD NOT DIY for your wedding.

Should DIY

  • Wedding decor

    • This can be something you can easily do depending on your theme. Crunch the number FIRST before you start the task. If it adds up to be just as much if not more than the professional way, you may want to invest in a professional service. Some of these items can be: center pieces, decor around the venue space, etc.

  • Flowers

    • People often go back and forth on whither they want real or fake flowers. You can totally do this yourself, I have certainly done it myself for some styled shoots. However, there are some florists that will design with fake flowers. Again, look at both sides and see what makes sense for you.

  • Dessert

    • If you want a 32 later cake, you probably want to hire a professional but some times in-listing the bridal party to bake desserts for your wedding maybe more economical for you. I thought one of the cutest dessert tables I saw at a wedding was when each guest brought a dessert to pass. It was soooo sweet can made the people who attend a little more involved in the big day!

should NEVER DIY

  • Your Dress

    • Unless you are a professional, don’t take on this task. It can be more stress than its worth.

  • Your hair and makeup

    • There are professionals out there to help you with this! They will make sure you are looking picture perfect for your big day!


    • As a photographer, this one hits close to home. ALWAYS HIRE A PROFESSIONAL!!!! This is the person who is capturing a once in a lifetime moment in your life! You don’t want them to not capture anything! You want those memories to look back on. It may not matter to you so much now, but believe me, it WILL matter to you years from now. This also goes for videographers.

  • Your DJ

    • This is to mostly entertain your guests but I have seen many weddings go wrong with couples enlisting their cousin to control the iPod for the night. It’s not fun. Hire a professional for a good time!

So then for the DIYs you should do, what are the best? I got you. My all time best recommendation is The Sorry Girls. They have SO MANY incredible DIYs especially for weddings. Check them out here. The best part? They ALWAYS try to make their creations incredibly beautiful and on a budget. Perfect for any couple!

Below are some other great wedding DIYs!