The 3 Secrets to creating your perfect branding for your business

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I’m so excited to be sharing with you today; my three secrets to creating your perfect branding for your business. It is not at all easy to start a business and get it off the ground. Take it from me when I started my photography business while I had a 9-5 that I absolutely dreaded to go to everyday. I was stuck and photography was really a passion I loved to pursue so I went for it. It can be really difficult and often frustrating when you have responsibilities and needs from your day job as well as your side hustle. However, once you having some key secrets to develop a killer branding you will for sure get the ball rolling.

Keep reading to see my list of three secrets to conquer!

  1. Have a clear vision of business and your mission.

So you have this idea of starting a business but what is it about? What are you going to do? Who does this business help or what are you going to sell? These are all key questions to ask yourself and get hashed out before you put the pedal to the metal on your business and your branding.

Having a clear vision on what you are going to do or sell is SUPER helpful when starting a business and figuring out your branding. It is better to figure all of these things out first before you are knee deep in operating your business that you aren’t fully sure on. Create a list of things you want to accomplish in your business. Who are you going to serve? What problem is it going to solve? Are you going to offer a service? What is it and what makes you different? Whether you do this on your lunch break or after your kids went to bed, do it. Then you will be able have a clear focus on where you want to go.

Once you have that all ironed out you can figure out what your mission is. It really goes hand in hand with having a clear vision for your business but it is super important to conquer. If having a thesis in your papers in school, having a mission statement for your business is the core of it! This is something you can always circle back to when you are stuck and don’t know where to go. Your business stems off of it. Once you have your vision and your mission you are ready to move onto the next step.

2. Find your ideal audience

You now have a full list and idea of what you business is about and your mission, now take out a notebook and create a list of your ideal client or audience. You are you trying to help? Are they male or female? Young? Old? Create a list of all of their characteristics and their likes and dislikes. This will really help you get a clear vision of who you are targeting and who you will be speaking to day after day. Get to knwo this ideal client so much that you will knwo how to speak to them like the back of your hand.

You can even go onto Pinterest and create a board full of all the things you ideal client would like. Sometimes having those visuals gives you a better idea of what colors to aim for or what your vibe is going to be. It gives you a better road map of where you want to go with your business and your branding. And with that road map we move onto the next step.

3. Combine and conquer

Now this seem like a simple step but it is one of the most important. (That’s why I broke this list down to three of the MOST IMPORTANT secrets.) You are going to take all the information you have collected from yourself and your business as well as everything you learned about your ideal client and combine it together. It maybe easier said than done, but take your time on this. With all the things you pinned for your ideal client, what colors are similar that match the style you want to go for? Is there a vibe that goes with that you want your business to shoot for?

Once your have those similarities you are ready to starting building that perfect branding. This can be designing it yourself (which is HIGHLY recommend) or hiring a graphic designer to help you. I have a full library of tutorials on my YouTube channel to help you gain the skills of graphic design to excel your business. AND something new is launching soon for those who want to deep dive into these skills so stay tuned!!!

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