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Neely Roberts Photography Branding Session

Hey there friends! it has been a bit! As you may or may not know, I have transitioned my business to only focus on Personal Branding Photography and Graphic Design Education. When I made that shift it was a beginning of June before I attended the Creative at Heart Conference (if you haven’t read my recap blog post you can here) I felt it was the right move but I wasn’t 100%…I was like 95%. But after talking to everyone I discovered that I was really right and this is the right way to go!

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How your can advance your business with emails this year!

You maybe wondering, why do I need emails? I don’t want to be spammy so seem like I am pushing to sell to my clients. I hear you and I feel the exact same way. But what if Instagram or YouTube or any other social media platforms disappeared tomorrow? How would you be able to communicate with your audience? That’s where an email list comes in. This is a list that only you can control so if all of social media suddenly crashed tomorrow you will still have an audience to speak to. Now how exactly you get that email list? Well, that’s where Convertkit comes in.

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