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Blue Apron Review

For the past two weeks I have been trying out Blue Apron! It's been honestly really fun. I get to try out new recipes and taste new things that I normally wouldn't try! Since the holidays are around the corner and I will be traveling very soon I thought what better time to try! Blue Apron is great for couples or for the whole family! they have options per how many people you will be feeding. I choose the three meals a week but you can also go two to two. Before each week’s meals are delivered you get to choose what meals sound best to you! They everything is prepackaged and delivered right to your door. It honestly, worked out really well. They only things you need to have is the tools, salt, pepper and olive oil which is all what most people have anyway.

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How to take great self portraits

As a photographer you may not think about having portraits taken of your self very often. But this is very important to establish your business and have future clients be able to see and connect with the face behind the camera. Not everyone has all the money in the world to hire another photographer to take pictures for them so the next best thing is self portraits. This may seem pretty daunting especially if you have never tried this before but I can assure you that there are easy ways to get stunning photos.

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