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My Go-To Wedding Timeline

This is probably something that you don’t really think about until the last minute. Let me tell you, your wedding schedule is CRUCIAL to have your big day flow smoothly. That is why I suggest you invest in a wedding planner or even a day planner. Their job is to keep everything flowing smoothly without you having to worry about a thing.

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The Best DIYs for Your Wedding

To DIY or to not DIY. That is a typical question that most couples face for their wedding. Of course you want to cut costs as much as you can, but what should and shouldn’t you DIY? What are the best DIYs to use? Today I’m here to help you! Since I have VERY MUCH a DIYer myself, I have watched many videos and tutorials on wedding decor and DIYs. First let’s cover the list of what you should and SHOULD NOT DIY for your wedding.

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Wedding Show Pros and Cons

So you are engaged, congratulations!!! This is so exciting! By now I’m sure you have been getting all the advice from anyone and everyone. “You should do this” or “You should do that.” Just know that at the end of the day, it’s your and and your finance’s day. No one else’s. With that being said I hope these blog posts over the course of this month will help you in your decision making!

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