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Shreya's Downtown Senior Session

On a warm summer evening I met Shreya at a local Starbucks downtown in the Third Ward. We sat a chatted for a bit on where she plans to go to school in the fall. Turns out, she is skipping her senior year to start in the nursing program at MATC! So cool!

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Third Ward Target Photoshoot

As many of you know (and for those that don't) I am OBESSED with Target. So as you can imagine I was so excited when Target reached out to be a part of their Rep/Sponsorship Program. I decided to curate this photoshoot to showcase the AMAZING clothes Target has and how easy it is to add these pieces to your wardrobe. (Also how great they look in photos! *Tip for those thinking of what to wear for their next session, look at Target's clearance rack to find some great hidden gems!*

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