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Sara's Trevecca Graduation Session

Meet Sara! She is an Undergraduate Grad from Trevecca University. Just like any other grad, we had her session on campus. Which might I add, was so much fun! Trevecca is such a beautiful university that is like a hidden gem in Nashville. You wouldn’t even know that it is there!

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What I have learned in 25 years

As my birthday comes near I have come to reflect on all that I have learned for the past 25 years. Believe me, I have definitely learned a lot and soooooo much has changed since day one. For starters I am more independent than I was at a day old as well as my tastes in foods have certainly changed. But really though, from the day I was born to 25 years later a lot of growing has happened, but through all of it I have come to find three things I have learned.

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My story. Why I started and where I am going

Hi there sweet friends! For those of you who have been around for a while you know my story pretty well. For those of you who don’t welcome! We will start from the beginning. I was born and raised in south-eastern Wisconsin with the love of cheese instilled in me from day one. :) I have always been a creative person, in my family on both sides I am referred to as the artist. I always was creating an art project or had a brilliant creative idea. I took honors arts classes all through high school but those classes were not where photography came into play for me. It started to come into play when I was a senior in high school. Like any other senior, I went and had my senior pictures taken. Thinking that it was be like any other photography studio experience I didn’t think much of it. It was excited to be showing my personality. And that it when I got let down. This particular studio had a rotation of photographers so I didn’t get the one that I vibed with before. This one was AWFUL. She wasn’t sure of herself, she kept saying “umm” and making take my glasses off which at the time was what I wore everyday. By the end of the session I was frustrated and disappointed. We looked back at the photos and all my dad could say was that it didn’t look like me. Needless to say I was embarrassed of those pictures. So much so that we didn’t use them for the yearbook. My mom took a picture of me on our driveway before a family wedding. This is not at all to make you feel bad about my experience, this story is what eventually inspired me to pursue this career!

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Isabel's Historical Park Senior Session

This senior session has got to be one of my favorites yet! Isabel is a senior at Muskego High School and is involved in the drama club. She wants to study animal behavior in college and see wherever that leads her! She is such a super nice and wonderful young lady and has an amazing future ahead of her.

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Senior Style Guide

Hey there seniors! Summer is on it’s way which means the start of senior sessions! I couldn't be more excited for these sessions! (Secretly, they are one of my favorites ;) ) They are always super fun and a great way to kick off your senior year.

So you have booked your senior session, and you have no idea what to wear, or how to prepare! That is why I am here to help! I will give you all my tips and trick to a perfect senior session no matter what photographer you choose.

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