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Why you should have your pictures taken

Having your pictures taken may seem like something that we cringe at the thought of, but take a moment and hear me out. Think back to a company you really liked, a company that you really connected with. Why did you connect with it so much? It is probably because you can see yourself in the brand, in the owner, etc. Those companies usually have a face to their brand. It makes people connect with their company on another level. Which then leads to loyalty to the company. What I am getting at is being a small business owner is hard, you don’t want to be another faceless business. You want to be able to connect with your customers or clients so they will want to invest in what you want to offer.

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My Parent's Portrait Session at Historical Site

As most photographers know well, when you announce to the world that you are a professional photographer and that you are open for business, family and friends come flocking. They want you to take pictures of EVERYTHING. This can be a great learning experience but I personally just love to take pictures of my family. As I have been making my rounds to each family of my extended family, I had a moment of shock when I realized that I haven’t had a chance to give my parents a session. Clearly, this needed to be addressed as soon as possible. Thinking back, the last time they probably had professional pictures taken of them was on their wedding day. They were certainly due for some professional pictures taken by their daughter no less.

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Downtown Wauwatosa: Tosha 2017

During December it is so fun to see the snow fall and cover everything in a blanket of white, making the world seem magical. As little downtown squares get decorated with twinkly lights, I was inspired to do a photo session! I had one of my lovely friends agree to brace the cold and take some cute pictures. Let me know what you think!

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