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Why you are not booking clients

Today I have a topic that most photographers have run into their first or even second year of business. Lack of clients. There can be multiple different reasons for this; you just started your business, there is no awareness of what you offer, you don’t share enough content or that your prices are too low. We will dive into each of these and ways you can improve to be a more thriving business with all the amazing clients you have dreamed of!

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Hello one and all!

Hello Friends!

Welcome to the new blog! this is so exciting! I'm finding I want to share stories or different experiences I have with clients or the many things I'm learning as being an adult that I decided to start a blog! These posts will come out about one or two Sundays each month at 8:00 am Central Time. (But don't worry if you are subscribed you will get a nifty notification come right to your inbox! ) So with all of the details out of the way let's get right into the post.

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