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My Favorite Small Businesses of 2018

Through all of my adventures I have discovered some pretty amazing small businesses both in Milwaukee and in Nashville and even online! Today I am going to share my favorites I have discovered in 2018! If you are in Milwaukee or Nashville you should definitely check out these local hot spots. I will link the online businesses below as well! I have certainly shared some of them with you already and there are some new ones that I probably haven’t had a chance to mention. Since the holidays are right around the corner it would be a good time to stop in and share some love with these businesses. So let’s get on with it and get started!

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What's in my camera bag?

This post has been in the works for a long time. I never wanted to showcase what was in my camera bag until I knew for sure that I want to work with this set up for a while. So here we are! This may change over time so be sure to check back if I make an updated post. At the end of this post I will put a link to an Amazon List I put together so you can shop for anything that is in my bag!

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