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My Favorite Small Businesses of 2018

Through all of my adventures I have discovered some pretty amazing small businesses both in Milwaukee and in Nashville and even online! Today I am going to share my favorites I have discovered in 2018! If you are in Milwaukee or Nashville you should definitely check out these local hot spots. I will link the online businesses below as well! I have certainly shared some of them with you already and there are some new ones that I probably haven’t had a chance to mention. Since the holidays are right around the corner it would be a good time to stop in and share some love with these businesses. So let’s get on with it and get started!

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Puppy Engagement Session

The first weekend in December I meet up with Natalia and Chris to be able to catch the last warm rays of fall before we headed into winter. That is so weird to say for me being a born and raised Wisconsinite, but I can’t complain about this amazing weather! Not to mention how we couldn’t have picked a better day for this session. This couple is SERIOUSLY couple goals….they even had matching jackets. How cute is that!??! Not to mention that their dog Ghost was so cute and played along for the pictures. Being only six months old, he was a natural! I couldn’t say enough good things about Natalia and Chris and how welcome they made me feel in this new city! I can’t wait to meet more couples to capture their love together. (Couples can be with out without puppies in tow ;))

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Julia and Zach's Downtown Greendale Engagement

On a misty Tuesday afternoon I meet up with Julia and Zach for their engagement session in the village of Greendale. If you haven’t been to Greendale, Wisconsin you should! It is full quaint little shops and some of the best food. Couldn’t have been a better place for an engagement session. Julia and Zach couldn’t have been sweeter! We talked over how I need to see Incredibles 2 (I know, I know, it’s on my to do list) and the little details that they are going to have for their wedding as we wandered through the small downtown square.

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