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Preparing for Graduation with Basic Invite

Hey there, seniors! Are you ready for graduation? Are you a little overwhelmed with everything? Maybe you are graduating high school and getting ready to start on your journey to college. Or you are graduating for college and are starting on your road to higher education or into the “real world” for your career. It can all be a little scary and overwhelming but it’s nothing less to be proud of that you have come this far! It’s a great accomplishment to celebrate your graduation of higher education of taking the steps into starting your higher education! With celebrating comes a party and what better way to help get the word out than Basic Invite invitations.

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Vanessa Jordan Photography Senior Spokesmodel Program

Hi there friends! I’m so excited to share that my spokesmodel program is getting an upgrade and will be SO MUCH BETTER this year! I’m sure you all have questions on what is a spokesmodel and what does the program entail. But don’t worry! I will answer all your questions below and if I don’t, feel free to email me! All right, let’s get started.

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