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Vanessa Jordan Photography Branding Packages

Hey there friends! I wanted to write this blog post because, if you haven't noticed two weeks ago I launched my branding packages in my shop and I want to talk a little bit about them! First off if you don't already know, I am a full-time graphic designer and I wanted to share that side of me with you. Something that has been brought to my attention, is how hard it is to create your own branding, create your logo, know what colors to use, know what’s going to look right and just know the tips and tricks that a graphic designer would know but, a small business owner really wouldn’t know. I created these branding packages in hopes that they will help you and they will give you kind of a jump start on your branding experience. So for example, one of the branding packages I have is called AB Modern. It's a very modern style, very minimalist, black and white and can really be used for pretty much any business.

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