Peninsula State Park Styled Shoot: Elopement in the Snow

Vanessa Jordan Photography

During this past weekend, I had the joy to photograph these two in the snow! These are two of my good friends that graciously let me live out by vision of photographing an elopement in the snow. It couldn't have been a more perfect day to capture these two and their love for one another!

These two models have been dating for as long as I can remember and you can really tell how much they love each other. Being a close friend, I know how much they have gone through together, yet their love grows and grows.

Vanessa Jordan Photography

I found this beautiful dress from Rent the Runway, if you ever need a dress or outfit for a special event they have got you covered! When you rent your outfit/dress you can select a backup size for free incase it doesn't fit. (Which was great because the dress was bigger than my friend and I thought it would be). The dress an any accessories comes in a zipped up garment bag that you can just zip back up and send back through the mail! they defiantly have a great system and I HIGHLY recommend.

The suit was from DuBois Formalwear. They have various locations and pretty great hours which makes picking up and dropping off super convenient. I was quite amazed that the owner was able to get the perfect size for my model. Since we didn't have time to drive down and have him try it on, it was amazing that it fit as well as it did! Again another HIGHLY recommend.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the photoshoot. I hope to have more wonderful shoots like this in the future!