My Venue Bucket List

Vanessa Jordan Photography

As many people do, they have a bucket list to go skydiving, travel to Venice or even climb Mount Everest, I on the other hand have a bucket list of different locations I would love to photograph! There are so many amazing places that will be perfect for stunning pictures, but these are my top ten.

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1. Mitchell Domes

As a kid I loved the domes. It felt like I was escaping to another world when you would enter each environment in the domes. Will all of the natural light from the windows above, creates this beautiful diffused glow to everything in each dome. To think we have this in Wisconsin, let alone Milwaukee is incredible!




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2. Boerner Botanical Gardens

Every mother’s day my extended family and I would go down the botanical gardens to walk around and enjoy all the beautiful flowers and plants. This space has a special place in my heart from all of these memories. Needless to say, this space is made for weddings, so why not make it your venue?






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3. The Atrium

This space couldn’t be more beautiful. With the greenhouse style architecture, exposed brick walls and a view over Milwaukee, what could be better? The venue also has a small outdoor space for anyone that needs a breather from dancing on the dance floor during the night.







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4. Grand Geneva Resort and Spa

At this venue, any season is the perfect season for a wedding or event! There are both indoor and outdoor spaces that are beautiful and wonderful for photos. With wide open golf courses and paths all over the resort the possibilities are endless




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5. Historic Courthouse 1893

When I saw this venue, I was immediately drawn in. This courthouse is full of history and completely restored. It is such a unique venue in the middle of Waukesha. I love all the small alcoves that showcase the architecture of the time, perfect for intimate photos between the couple.






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6. Lake Lawn Resort

This resort is absolutely gorgeous, it sits on the shore of Lake Lawn. When you drive up, you wouldn’t even know the beauty behind the resort. Once you walk through the lobby it opens up to a lush courtyard with a full view of the lake. There is a dance floor outside under twinkle lights, smaller courtyards for more intimate settings as well as ballrooms with breathtaking views. This couldn’t be a more perfect venue for your big day!





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7. Charles Allis & Villa Terrace Art Museums

Being a graphic designer I am drawn to art and a big place that has said art is an art museum. This particular art museum has a beautiful garden behind it that looks out onto Lake Michigan that couldn’t be a more perfect backdrop. With all the unique pieces in this museum, it would definitely be great conversation starters for your guests. What would be better to show your artsy side than at an art museum!





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8. The Bennett Barn

Barns are a huge trend lately and I can see why! This venue in particular had a farm house, chapel and barn all for rent! You can have all of your guests come to one place and not have to worry about shuffling people around. There are big open fields and spaces for children to play so it’s perfect for a large wedding. My cousin happened to go to a wedding at this venue and when I saw the pictures from it, I fell in love. The twinkle lights the were strung on the inside of the barn bring such a romantic and whimsical feel to the space.


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9. The Milwaukee County Zoo

This maybe questionable to some people because often when you think of the zoo you think of animals everywhere and small children running around. However, the Milwaukee County Zoo has a beautiful space for a reception not mention all the pathways that have gorgeous arches of trees and landscaping that make it seem much more than a zoo. It’s a forest adventure perfect for two. Also, who wouldn't want a picture with the penguins?




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10. Pabst Brewery

This list wouldn’t be complete without a brewery on it! I am not much of an alcohol drinker but the history at this venue is amazing. To think of how many years this place has stood and the stories the walls could tell if they talked. The venue also has many nooks and alleys that are perfect for options for photos. There is also this beautiful courtyard that is decorated with lights at night and is perfect for any small intimate wedding.

Did one of these venues spark an idea for your next event or wedding? What would you add to the list? I would love to hear suggestions!