My story. Why I started and where I am going

Vanessa Jordan Photography, Nashville Photographer, Destination Wedding Photographer, Personal Branding Photographer

Hi there sweet friends! For those of you who have been around for a while you know my story pretty well. For those of you who don’t welcome! We will start from the beginning. I was born and raised in south-eastern Wisconsin with the love of cheese instilled in me from day one. :) I have always been a creative person, in my family on both sides I am referred to as the artist. I always was creating an art project or had a brilliant creative idea. I took honors arts classes all through high school but those classes were not where photography came into play for me.

Vanessa Jordan Photography, Nashville Photographer, Destination Wedding Photographer, Personal Branding Photographer

It started to come into play when I was a senior in high school. Like any other senior, I went and had my senior pictures taken. Thinking that it was be like any other photography studio experience I didn’t think much of it. It was excited to be showing my personality. And that it when I got let down. This particular studio had a rotation of photographers so I didn’t get the one that I vibed with before. This one was AWFUL. She wasn’t sure of herself, she kept saying “umm” and making me take my glasses off which at the time was what I wore everyday. By the end of the session I was frustrated and disappointed. We looked back at the photos and all my dad could say was that it didn’t look like me. Needless to say I was embarrassed of those pictures. So much so that we didn’t use them for the yearbook. My mom took a picture of me on our driveway before a family wedding which then we used in the yearbook. The difference? I was happy and confident in the outfit I was was wearing, the pose I did and I would say I “vibed” with my mom. ;) This is not at all to make you feel bad about my experience, this story is what eventually inspired me to pursue this career!

Flash forward to when I was a sophomore in college pursuing a graphic design degree. As a part of my major we were told to take classes to “round out” our skills. I really loved photography from filling up disposable cameras on family vacations (let me know if you know exactly what those are!) and was interested in learning more so I took the intro class. Needless to say I fell in love. I started to bribe my theater and dancer friends to go out with me to shoot. It was so incredibly fun but never did I think that this could be a sustainable career. I was set on becoming a graphic designer. I saw the trend of businesses and careers moving to the digital world so I wanted to jump on that train. So I continued to take photography courses and photograph my friends through college until I graduated with a BA in Design Arts and an emphasis in photography. I know, super fancy.

I landed a corporate job back home in Milwaukee and was ready to start my life as a young professional. I quickly realized how draining it was for me to be in that office all day. I got my work done so efficiently that I would sit at my desk bored until I was able to leave. (Later I learned that not all jobs are like that and how toxic that particular environment was.) Something was missing. One day it hit me; why don’t I start a photography business on the side? That way I can still get joy from something I truly love to do while during the week I work my 9-5; and that’s exactly what I did. I haven’t stopped since. However, back then I didn’t realize that I would be pursuing this as my full-time career.

My goal as a photographer is to capture true beauty and the personalities of people. To capture memories that will be looked back upon for generations. I don’t want anyone to feel like me as a senior in high school frustrated and disappointed with their session. I ALWAYS want them to have fun and feel happy and excited after their session. This is why I take the time to get to know each and every client so I will be able to know how to accurately showcase their true personalities.

If you have followed along with my journey thus far, you have noticed how many changes that have been happening lately. I moved to Nashville, I started a YouTube Channel, I launched my one-on-one mentoring offerings as well as many more exciting things to come! I have been able to have to honor to connect with local industry leaders as well as many across that country. I have been able to capture several weddings, engagements, various events as well as day to day milestones such as senior pictures and family sessions. I am so grateful that I get to call this my job and with some hard work and determination, it will become my full-time career. I am so excited for all the new launches and ventures I have in store! Let me know down below what you think my next new launch is?!?! Also what do you want to see? More blog posts? Styled shoots? YouTube videos? You name it! I would love to hear it! Thank you for traveling with me on this journey so far and I hope you continue to follow along with me!

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