My Photography Story

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Hey there friends! As you may have seen on my social media, my business has shifted. I have narrowed my focus to help brands and businesses in branding photography and education. I touch briefly on why this change came to be on my Instagram but I wanted to have a full blog post to really dive deep and explain. So without further ado, let’s get started!

When I started my business I wanted to bring people joy, to show them how beautiful they are inside and out. I have tried photographing absolutely everything; weddings, seniors, families, events, dancers, etc. I have honestly enjoyed every moment of it and bringing joy to all of my clients. As I have grown in business I have discovered a need in this industry. This industry has a need of support for brands and small business owners, in photography and otherwise. With my graphic design degree I have been able to help so many of my friends, family and business friends so I thought why not share this knowledge and help more people? That is how the graphic design eduction shift has come into play. I want to continuously help people and bring joy to them but in a slightly different way.

The biggest shift is shifting to be solely a branding/personal branding photographer. It’s not because I hate weddings or seniors or families or any of that. I love all of it! But lately I have felt my calling has been to photograph for brands and influencers. It has been something I have been testing for a while and have found a new found joy that honestly works better with my lifestyle. I get to work with my clients just as much but in a different way. I have been so excited to share this part of my business with you all and it just feels so right to make this shift.

My mission is still the same, bring joy to my clients and show them how beautiful they are inside and out. I can still do that as a branding photographer and work with that many more people! As an educator I can touch more lives and help them so much more than I was doing before. I’m so excited for this new change and to be actually showing up more on Instagram and my other social media platforms. Thank you all for being so supportive in this change. It truly means the world.