My Grandparent's Portrait Session

Vanessa Jordan Couples

A few weeks ago I had the amazing pleasure to photograph my grandparents. Like any grandparent, mine are very supportive of my photography business and would rave to anyone about me. I wanted to give them something that they probably would never give themselves. So this past Christmas I gave them a portrait session with me. 

Vanessa Jordan Couples

This session I can tell meant a lot to them. They haven't gotten professional pictures taken of themselves since their 50th anniversary and before that was probably their wedding. They were due for some nice photos. I thought what better way to capture the love they have for each other them to take them back to where they met; Shorewood High School. Shorewood is where they both grew up, raised their family and lived until about four years before I was born. They have seen this city grow and change for better or for worse.

As we walked around the Shorewood High School grounds, they told me stories of what each building had what classes, what was offered when they went to school and how they walked to school every day.

Being able to spend this time with them and learn all about their past was pretty amazing to me. Unfortunately, they won't be around forever so it meant a lot that I got to have some one on one time with them and to be able to capture this photos. It also meant a lot to the rest of my family to have some nice pictures of them. This is why I love without I do. I get to capture the true beauty and love that people share that can be cherished for years to come. 

See all my favorites from this portrait session below:

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