My Favorite Small Businesses of 2018


Through all of my adventures I have discovered some pretty amazing small businesses both in Milwaukee and in Nashville and even online! Today I am going to share my favorites I have discovered in 2018! If you are in Milwaukee or Nashville you should definitely check out these local hot spots. I will link the online businesses below as well! I have certainly shared some of them with you already and there are some new ones that I probably haven’t had a chance to mention. Since the holidays are right around the corner it would be a good time to stop in and share some love with these businesses. So let’s get on with it and get started!



  1. Bass Bay Brewhouse

    I have definitely talked about this AMAZING place before. They are home to the best french toast I have ever had plus it is the perfect wedding venue! They have beautiful bay windows looking out along Big Muskego Lake that now matter what the weather it’s an incredible view. This restaurant is out in Muskego which is about 15-20 minutes from Milwaukee, tucked away in a neighborhood but it is SOOOOOO worth the drive. Try the Apple Pie French Toast…you will not be disappointed.

  2. Dry Bar Milwaukee

    Even though I didn’t discover this place in 2018, I hadn’t tried their services until before I moved to Nashville. Let me tell you, it’s quite a treat! They are a bigger company with lots of locations across the country but all are locally owned and are involved in their community. If you ever need a little TLC or need your hair done for a big event, they have got you covered. they only style hair so there is no cutting involved. You choose from a book of styles and they make the magic happen! Perfect for any bride or bridesmaid for the wedding day!

  3. Milwaukee Home

    This local business sells all sorts of items with the words “Milwaukee Home” on it. They have a pretty unique design that sells out fast. They have everything from t-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, totes and more! They have pop up shops all over the city adn even in the airport! So if you are flying out of MKE in Concourse C stop on by and check them out!

  4. Twigs

    This is a great little boutique that had just opened up months before I made my move to Music City. It has a great mix of the feel of Francescas but much older and trendy. they are locally owned and have had some pretty awesome events in their shops. I just love to go in there to see what is new! I have also heard that their jeans are some of the best!

  5. Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co.

    As you may already know, I am a coffee lover. I scout out the best local coffee spots wherever I go. Milwaukee has A TON of local coffee roasters and I have probably tried them all. Granted I had not stumbled upon Anodyne’s amazing coffee in 2018, but I stumbled upon their amazing store front! It is this big, beautiful space that is open to be rented out as a wedding venue! Everything has this warm and cozy feel while being rustic and vintage. The chairs are mismatched but restored which is just so cool. I love going in there and getting hit with the smell of fresh coffee and the warmth of the space. HIGHLY recommend for any coffee lovers out there.

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  1. Alexis and Bolt

    Since moving to Nashville I have discovered some incredible small businesses that includes Alexis and Bolt. This boutique has such a unique style and vibe that it makes you want to run into their store just by seeing their Instagram! A few weeks ago I went in for a styling session with them adn boy was I blown away! The quality of pieces they have in stock as well has how helpful everyone was to help find me perfect pieces that would fit my body type and style was amazing. Plus something that is really so cool about this area of own is that all the businesses are made out of old houses! Makes you feel even more at home!

  2. Poppy and Monroe

    I am not one to get my nails done. I find it to be a waste because I use my hands a lot and my polish tends to ship off. But sometimes you need a little TLC. I decided to give it a go with Poppy and Monroe and I was blown away with their service. I felt right at home and personally cared for. I wasn’t just another customer I was someone who wanted a little pampering. This is another business made out of an old house which was so charming to walk into. It put me at ease immediately to enjoy my manicure.

  3. Frothy Monkey

    This restaurant and local coffee roaster came highly recommended to me and I see why! They have a couple locations around the Nashville area adn each it unique in it’s own way. Their food is incredible and so it their coffee! There have been some locations that host trivia nights, have live music, and much more! You never know what you will find!

  4. Five Daughters

    I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS PLACE! I fell in love with their donuts back in August and I can’t get enough! I am even planning on bringing some up to my family for the holidays! They have a couple of locations in the Nashville area but my favorite of their’s is their 100 layer Vanilla Cream donut. It’s an amazing combination between pastry and donut that is light and fluffy. You will not be disappointed! Make sure to get there early on weekends because the lines are usually out the door.

  5. Stay Golden

    This coffee shop and cafe has been a recent discovery. This place is made out of an old armory that has be beautifully restored with a lot of other businesses in this strip. They serve coffee drinks, alcoholic drinks as well as breakfast all day. Sign me up! They have a coffee drink called the Gingerbread Man and it literally tasted like a liquid gingerbread cookie. I CANNOT wait to go back. The staff is so friendly and will gladly tell you all the history behind this gorgous space.

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  1. Courtney Inghram

    Now for the few small businesses I have fallen in love with online. Believe me there is MANY more but these have just stood out to me. Courtney Inghram sells hand dyed silk ribbons that are perfect for any photographer’s styling kit or to go around any wedding bouquet! I bought a few of her samples and I am IN LOVE! They are so beautiful and will work perfectly to bring any flat lay to life. If you are a photographer you HAVE to check them out!

  2. Jessica Peddicord

    Jessica Peddicord is one of the many artists that I have fell in love with their artwork this year. Jessica does absolutely beautiful watercolor art as well as calligraphy. Every year she has a darling calendar set that is perfect for any desktop! (Also a great last minute gift) I just can’t get enough of her Instagram feed with all the beautiful photos!

  3. Unique Vintage

    I discovered this shop very recently! For those who know me best, I am an avid shopper at Goodwill and thrift stores for find some amazing vintage pieces to add to my wardrobe. This shop sells brand new vintage pieces! A lot of blogger I follow have styled some pretty incredible outfits from Unique Vintage that it has made me inspired to style some of my own! If you are into vintage pieces, make sure to check them out!

  4. Attractioneering Trading Company

    For all of my Disney lovers out there, this small shop is for you! This shop sells all sorts of Disney Nerd finds including some pretty incredible snowflake ornaments. I stumbled upon them when I was on Instagram (as you do) and I couldn’t help but follow them! All of their product relates to some inside Disney joke that only the true fans will get which I absolutely love! Another great gift idea for the Disney lover in your life!

  5. Luca and Grae

    This online boutique is one that I have been aware of for a while but it hasn’t been until recently that I became very interested. They have recently changed their style and the type of clothes they carry and I AM IN LOVE. Everything is very light and airy with a lot of pieces that can be dressed up and down, which is SUPER helpful in my life. If you are looking for something to tie an outfit together, they have got you covered.

There are of course SOOOOOO many more amazing businesses I have discovered but these are just some of my top favs. Which ones were your favorite? Did I leave any out? Let me know below!

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