Is it ever too early to book a wedding photographer?

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With planning a wedding, soooo many things come up and you often feel that you have to plan so many things so early in advance. But are you planning too early? These are all my professional opinions and what I have discovered with my own clients. In my professional opinion, somethings ARE too early to plan and your photographer is one of them. Why? You may ask. Well, typically you would book your photographer and venue a year in advance, these are the two vendors that do need the most lead time when you book. Two to three months after you book your photographer you would have your engagement session, which will then give your photographer time to edit your photos and for you to send out “Save the Dates” and the rest falls into place. If you were to book your photographer two years in advance, you would have to wait much longer until your engagement session and may even forget about it as the time rolls around.

If you book with your vendors so far in advance you may even forget what you decided on and even in some worst cases, you may forget why you liked them in the first place. Hopefully all of your vendors will be people you absolutely love and will remember why you choose them, but it does happen. Below I have my go to time line of when you should be booking your vendors.

  • 12 Months:

    • Book Your Venue

    • Book Your Photographer

    • Draft Your Guest List

    • Have Your Engagement Party

    • Register For Gifts

  • 10 Months:

    • Pick An Officiant

    • Choose Vendors

    • Select A Bridal Party

    • Take Engagement Photos

  • 8 Months:

    • Order Your Dress/Outfit

    • Cake Tasting and Order Cake

    • Hair and Makeup Trails

  • 6 Months:

    • Send Save the Dates

    • Book Honeymoon

    • Purchase Wedding Bands

    • Order Bridesmaids’ Dresses

  • 4 Months:

    • Select Groomsmen Attire

    • Confirm Vendors

    • Decide On Hair And Makeup

  • 2 Months:

    • Mail Invitations

    • Write Or Decide Vows

    • Purchase Day Of Accessories

    • Confirm Day Of Transportation

  • 1 Month:

    • Bachelorette/Batchelor Party

    • Bridal Shower

  • 6 Weeks:

    • Apply For Marriage License

    • Get Everything Printed

  • 2 Weeks:

    • Final Fittings

    • Give Shot List To Photographer

    • Review Music With DJ/Band

  • 1 Week:

    • Final Headcount

    • Finalize Seating Chart

I hope this blog post helped you in your search of when to book your wedding photographer! If you would like to see all of my offerings for my wedding experiences click here. Click the links below to read more posts like this one!

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