How your can advance your business with emails this year!

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You maybe wondering, why do I need emails? I don’t want to be spammy so seem like I am pushing to sell to my clients. I hear you and I feel the exact same way. But what if Instagram or YouTube or any other social media platforms disappeared tomorrow? How would you be able to communicate with your audience? That’s where an email list comes in. This is a list that only you can control so if all of social media suddenly crashed tomorrow you will still have an audience to speak to. Now how exactly you get that email list? Well, that’s where Convertkit comes in.

Convertkit is my favorite email subscriber program that I have tried. I have tried a lot of different programs such as MailChimp and many others but there always seemed to be not enough to expand my list. That was my reality until I found Convertkit. It seems a little daunting at first but let me tell you that after I subscribed with them, followed their great tutorials I was doubling my email list. Just by putting an opt-in at the bottom of my homepage has helped me grow!

So…you have all of these people, now what? Convertkit has a great system that you can write several emails at a time and direct it to specific audiences. For example if you want to write an email for Senior clients but not send it to your couples you can certainly do that! You can organize paths or as they call them, sequences to send specific emails targeted to certain audiences that relate to their interests. That why it feels completely customized to them which will lead them to wanting to invest in your business even more!

What can you write about? The possibilities are endless! The best way to have a killer email subscription is to serve, serve, serve and then sell. Always go into every email to the intention to serve your audience then when you have something to sell they are sure to jump on it!

Convertkit has sooooo many more features that I am still discovering but I wanted to share my finds so far with you! Are you interested in checking them out? Well if you click my link here you can try Converkit out for 14 days before you decide to commit! I promise you, you won’t want to go back!

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