How to Take the Best Photos in a Theme Park

Vanessa Jordan Photography

Believe it or not, this picture of Cinderella's Castle was taken with my phone. No editing needed. Crazy right? You might be thinking, why would a photographer not bring her camera during vacation. Well simple, I don't want to be lugging it around and I know I can rely on my phone and my own ingenuity to get some great shots.

Since I have gotten back from my trip to the happiest place on earth, I wondered if other people know great ways to take photos on their vacations. You don't have to be a professional photographer to get some great shots from your trip! Phones nowadays have some pretty amazing cameras so if you know what you are looking for, you can get a great shot. Here are some of my tips and tricks to get these Instagram worthy shots.

Vanessa Jordan Photography

1. Be Observant

I know this might be incredibly hard at a theme park when you are jumping from ride to ride but as you are walking around, take notice of any really interesting architecture, angles, lighting etc.

Yes this is another castle but at and Canada Pavillon in EPCOT so it's different. But for this shot for example, we were wondering around the pavilions and I knew with the very traditional styled building and the great lighting it would make for a great picture. Mini Tip: DO NOT STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CROWD TO TAKE A PICTURE. Believe me that everyone will thank you. With that in mind, that challenges you for where you can go and where you are standing for each picture which adds a fun element.




Vanessa Jordan Photography

2. Get Close

During travels everyone wants to take the whole landscape in which is great but you can also go small and get particular details and are very unique to the area you are in.

Whether it be a flower (which is very common) or a small pebble on the walkway, get creative and try something new! The best part of these photos is having a interesting story to tell which I'm sure your family would love to hear.

Mini Tip: Take a lot of pictures if your phone as the space. You never know what you might discover later looking back through your photos.




Vanessa Jordan Photography

3. Go Away from the Crowds

This one is kinda self explanatory; if you want those great Insta pics with no one around, then go where there isn't people. Also a second note to that, you never know what you might find down little side streets or off the main drag.

This particular picture was taken while exploring the resort we stayed at. This was right off the main lobby and you would have honestly never known it was there unless you walked that way. Walt Disney World is full of these little gems but so are a lot of other theme parks which makes it a fun game to find all of these hidden gems.





4. Go Early or Stay Late

Vanessa Jordan Photography

Adding to the pervious comment, if you really want those perfect shots on the main drag then you would want to go to the park early or stay late where there is less people. Most guests go during the day when their kids are awake or nicer out, etc. Find the off times to get those perfect shots.

With this shot we were at EPCOT until close. This angle of Spaceship Earth is pretty easy to capture but you have to time it right. Since I have been to the parks for many years I know when those key times are. I'm sure with any theme park you go to, you can estimate the low crowd times.


Vanessa Jordan Photography

5. Don't Stress

This is a BIG one. Remember, it's your vacation and time to relax. There is no reason to stress about getting the perfect photo. There were defiantly some shots on my trip that I was not able to get but that's ok. I still enjoyed my time and had some great pictures to remember it by.

This shot for example, I don't even remember taking! I was going through my photos and I thought I didn't have a shot of the Tree of Life but I guess I did!

Trust yourself to find great shots and if they aren't exactly what you wanted, it's still good practice.

I hope these tips helps for your next adventure, whether it's a theme park of your next vacation. Please let me know if any of these tips where helpful and what other travel blogs you would like to see!