How to take great self portraits

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As a photographer you may not think about having portraits taken of your self very often. But this is very important to establish your business and have future clients be able to see and connect with the face behind the camera. Not everyone has all the money in the world to hire another photographer to take pictures for them so the next best thing is self portraits. This may seem pretty daunting especially if you have never tried this before but I can assure you that there are easy ways to get stunning photos.

Vanessa Jordan Photography

First off, invest in a remote shutter or connect your phone to your camera to use the remote shutter from there. I do not have this type of connect for my camera but I am looking into it for the future. However, I do use a remote shutter which has worked very well for me.

Make sure you do your research to find a remote shutter that will work with your camera. The one that I have has a piece that snaps into the shoe for where a flash would sit and connects into my camera. Once the remote and piece on the camera a on and synced, I'm ready to go!

A good thing to keep in mind for self portraits is framing. I a lot of the work comes from setting up the shot and making sure the framing is right to create these photos. Something I do to set up my shots is to stand center in the frame and use to auto focus to capture the shot. I will then look back and see if I like to photo. If I do, I will switch the lens to manual focus so then every time I hit the shutter the focus won't move. The great thing about doing that is if you want to be in the corner of the shot, you will still be in focus. Otherwise with keeping auto focus on, you will be blurry and out of focus in the picture.

A big thing to note when taking self portraits is giving yourself time and being patient. It takes A LOT of trail and error to get the shot just right. So give yourself plenty to time to experiment to get the perfect shot. I have had many years of practice to get my shots right and I know what to do when I have a short amount of time. Just relax, enjoy the experiment and being able to create something awesome. Let me know if you have any questions or want me to dive into any particular topic! I would love to chat and help!

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