How to get files ready for the printer

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Hey there friends! Today over on my YouTube channel I am covering how to package your InDesign files and get them ready to send to the printer. As a graphic designer this is SUPER important to know, especially if you want to become your own graphic designer for your business. Unless you are setting up designs in Vistaprint, Moo or any other platform that lets you get hands on with the production side, making sure your files are correctly packaged is so important. If packaged correctly, these files will cause a lot less headaches and back and forth with the printer to get it right.

Not to say that Vistaprint, Moo or any of the other printers like that are low quality (I have personally ordered marketing pieces from them and LOVE THEM) but, if you have a really specific design and you want to do more with the final product, such as adding gold foil, different folds and cut lines, this is where a printer comes in. They are trained for this and can personally handle your files to your upmost satisfaction, and plus small business support which is awesome!

You can check out my full tutorial by clicking here.

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