How to find the best wedding package for you

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Hey there friends and happy new year! I know there are many people out there that have just gotten engaged over the holidays and let me say, CONGRATULATIONS! This is such an exciting time and I'm sure this year will be filled with all sorts of planning. Something that I have many of my engaged friends ask me is about photographer packages. Which one is best? What should I look out for? What is the best package for me? Well today there is no need to worry because I will be sharing with you how to find your perfect wedding package! PLUS there is a special drawing at the end of this post to get 30% off your wedding package with me! Make sure you read all the way until the end to find out how to enter! Without, further a due let’s get started.

What style of photography do you like?

This should be the first question you as yourself when you search for a photographer. Not all photographers are created equal so it shouldn’t be a gamble for you who you pick. After all it is one of the most important days in your life, it’s a pretty big decision who should capture those moments for you. There are a lot of different styles but here are the most common:

  • Light and Airy

  • Bright and Colorful (this is what my style is)

  • Dark and Moody

  • Muted or Matte

  • Black and White

A great way to understand these styles is to do some research, and search these trends. If you find a style that you like, more than likely your perfect photographer will have that in their hashtags when they post. Searching on Instagram is probably the best way to find out what you like. These are pictures that represent you so you don’t want to pick a photographer just because they are less expensive because those pictures may not turn out how you hoped in the end run.

Is a Second Photographer included?

You know the style you like and have found a couple of photographers that fit the bill. Perfect! Now is the time to look deep in their packages. A big thing to consider is if there is a second photographer included in their packages or if that is an option. This may seem over kill to people but if you think about it, if you want that picture of your dad walking you down the aisle as well as that beautiful shot of the back of your dress as you take that walk…your photographer cannot be in two places a once. A second photographer is always great to have so when your main photographer is with you two, their second can take all the pictures of your guest at cocktail hour.

Vanessa Jordan Photography, Vanessa Jordan Weddings, Destination Wedding Photographer, Nashville Wedding Photographer

Is there prints and/or album options?

This may seem overwhelming to think about before your wedding day, but believe me you wouldn’t want to be worry about getting prints for your family and designing an album all by yourself after. Since I have witnessed many of my friends stressing about this exact thing after their wedding day I decided to add these options into my packages. You may think it is quite an investment for a wedding album but years down the road you will love to look back on those memories in a beautifully hand-made book. How often do you look back to the beginning of your camera roll on your phone? If you don’t get your wedding photos printed, that’s how often you will look back on those memories.

Vanessa Jordan Photography, Vanessa Jordan Weddings, Destination Wedding Photographer, Nashville Wedding Photographer

Do you connect with the photographer?

Probably one of the most important questions is do you connect with your photographer. It may seem silly but you will be spending all day with this person on one of the most important days of your life. Wouldn’t you want to be with someone who gets you? Who feels like a friend? Check out the photographer’s bio, do they sound interesting and someone you would like to be a part of your big day? If they sound generic then how do you know if they will treat your day as unique as it is?

Now on to the good stuff….since you have learned all about what to look for in a wedding package why not hear about mine? All of my packages include an engagement session which is a great way to be able to meet the both of you and practice for the two you to be in front of the camera. My three packages are all able to be customized by adding prints, albums, a second photographer, etc. As you go up in levels each package includes different items such as; a guest book full of your engagement photos, wedding albums or a second photographer.

Does this sound good to you?!? Would you like to get 30% off one of these packages? Click the link here to enter!! I can’t wait to capture your wedding day!

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