How to find local models to work with

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Hey there friends! Have you had the struggle of finding a model to work with when you have inspiration strike? Are your friends and family sick of being your models? Are you ready to work with a professional? It may seem like a daunting task but no worries! I will help you through it.

Vanessa Jordan Photography

A great place to search for local models is on Instagram. Most models post their work and connect with other photographers there. A great way to search is under the hashtags. Since I am in the Milwaukee area is search for #milwaukeemodel or #madisonmodel since Madison isn’t too far me either. Use either your closest city and see what you can find. Try to pick out a couple of options since some pay be professionals who will ask for payment. If you are comfortable paying that’s great! But usually to start out it works out better to exchange services.

Vanessa Jordan Photography

Once you find a few that you really like their work reach out! I use direct message on Instagram which is the easiest way to get a hold of the models. I try to get their emails right away so then I can email them their photos once they are edited and I don’t have to ask again. Once you find a model that will work with you then you are all set!

Another great place to look for models are on Facebook groups for photographers and models. There are usually ones that are for bigger cities which can be a great place to connect with local models. For any of this always be safe. Whenever I meet a new model I try to meet at a local coffee shop or an area that is more populated. If you are nervous of meeting the model you want to work with, just bring a friend to be your assistant! Always stay safe above all else.

If you have any questions please reach out! Make sure to check out my Instagram for my latest news and work.



Vanessa Jordan Photography

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