How Personal Branding Can Grow Your Business

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I’m sure by now you have heard me talk about Personal Branding Photography and branding your business itself and how it can be good for you. If not, here’s the short speech to get you caught up: “Personal Branding is key for your business so your followers can connect with you and invest in your business. They don’t want to invest in a faceless brand. Show them who you are and what you are about!” Caught up? Good. But how can all that grow your business? Today I am going to share all of those secrets! So continue reading if you want to find out the ways personal branding can grow your business.

  1. You WILL stand out amongst the crowd.

    Believe it or not but this is true. When you invest in your personal branding it will give your followers reasons to invest in you and not other similar brands. For example if you share that you LOVE going to Target you will definitely attract others that love that as well. They will think “Wow, this brand gets me. I should invest in them.” Maybe not their exact train of thought but you get the point.

  2. You will attract more IDEAL clients.

    With standing out you will attract more clients and followers that will like you for you and then in turn invest in your business. But for this, it is a two way street. Along with attracting ideal clients you WILL be repelling others away. With that you maybe thinking, why would I do that?!?!? I want to attract everyone. Which I will say, no you don’t. You want people who will truly care about you and your business. You don’t want a ton of people following you and half of those don’t care. The numbers next to your Instagram profile don’t matter. What matters is the numbers in the bank account. That may mean having a smaller number of followers but a bigger number in the bank. You need to accept this and be ok with it in order to grow.

  3. People will be able to easily identify you and your brand.

    You maybe thinking why does this matter, but believe me, it matters A LOT. think to some of your favorite brands. (I always say Target but it’s up to you.) You see a commercial and you see the red and white and immediately know it’s Target. You get happy and excited because it’s your favorite brand. You see a cute pair of shoes from the commercial and you whip out your phone to try and find them. So you’re probably thinking, ok…so what?

    Now let’s imagine the same scenario for a smaller brand that you don’t have any idea about. You become interested in the brand and by the end of the commercial you learn the name. You will probably go on their website and see what they are about. Days later you see another commercial with a totally different feel by that same brand. At this point you are probably confused by what their message is and what their vibe is. It’ the same thing for a small business.

    Having personal branding is a key way to help your business grow and help other followers find you and recognize your brand. This will help you grow and bring profit to your business.

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