Fall Outfit Ideas


Fall is here which means all the fall sessions! I’m so excited to capture all the colors that fall has to bring. I often get asked what to wear for a particular session and I thought I would help you out! I do have Pinterest boards full of ideas that you can find here as well. All of these outfits I will be showing you are ones that are completely shoppable! I will link the store that I found these outfits so you can have an exact guide of where to shop and what to get! Perfect right? Let’s get started.


First I’ll start with my seniors. Senior pictures typically happen in the summer or fall so this is perfect for any of my seniors of other seniors that are looking for some guidance. I always have my seniors bring two or more outfits. This way we can get a variety of shots at the same location only with an outfit change! Perfect for that #seniorsunday post. I LOVE when my seniors bring dresses. These are great to twirl around in and create some really unique shots with that movement. I would try to stick to more deep colors like maroon, a deep purple, mustard yellows and even blues. These colors pop well with against the colorful leaves. A second option for an outfit would either be a really cute top, fitted jeans and booties or adding layers with a sweater. Sweaters are great to add that cozy feel to any photo. Plus you will stay warm! All of these outfits are from Francesca’s so you can shop either wide selection of great fall outfits that are picture ready!


Engagements also tend to happen in the fall since most weddings are in the spring or early summer. I get A LOT of questions from my couples and even from friends who are engaged with what to wear for their session. I would say my rule of thumb is to dress a little more put together that you normally would, which for most people is what they would wear to church. I knwo that not everyone is religious which is why I say a more put together outfit.

I always encourage more than one outfit for my couples so they can get a better variety of shots. Otherwise I would suggest bring layers like a jean jacket or a sweater. Something to change up the outfit a little bit more. Long tulle skits can look STUNNING against the rich colors of the leaves. Also they are just really fun to twirl in. (Again the twirling, don’t be surprised if it comes up again.) Another option is to be a little more casual with a cozy sweater great for at home sessions and outdoor location sessions too! The guys are pretty easy, usually it’s jeans and a button down shirt. You could throw on a blazer or even dress it up a little bit with a suit. It’s completely up to the two of you and what fits your style best.

The tulle skirts are from Morning Lavender, all the other outfits for women are from The Loft. The guys outfits are from Express.


Families can always be a little more difficult because you have to coordinate EVERYONE’S outfits. Again I would use my rule of thumb by dressing a little more put together that normal. Some families dress up, some come coordinating with a color but please do not come all matching. It really won’t look as good as you think it will. These pictures are suppose to look natural, unless you all match everyday then you do you.

I would try to pick a color and then play off of that with everyone’s outfit. Say it’s navy you can have Dad wear a navy shirt and kakis, Mom can wear a black dress with a navy sweater, the boys can wear jeans and white button down shirts and little sister can where a navy dress. They are all coordinating but not matching. Below are a few ideas of what your family could wear. All these looks are from Old Navy.

These are all suggestions and you can always search for a similar outfit at your favorite store. Happy Fall!

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