Engagement Session Style Guide

Vanessa Jordan Couples

Hey there lovely couples! Summer is in full swing which means that this is the perfect time for your engagement session! I couldn't be more excited for these sessions! I love to tell these amazing love stories of my couples and capture their love for each other.

So you have booked your wedding package, and you have no idea what to wear for you engagement session, or how to prepare! That is why I am here to help! I will give you all my tips and trick to a perfect engagement session no matter what photographer you choose.

Vanessa Jordan Couples

1. Wear something comfortable

With my engagement sessions I give my couples the opportunity to bring up to 2 outfits to change into during the session. That way it gives them a great variety in their gallery as well as not having to pick one favorite outfit which can be really hard!

With each outfit make sure these are pieces that you are comfortable in. Believe me it will show in your photos that you are wearing brand new shoes that are not broken in and are giving you blisters. (Speaking from experience) If you are struggling with putting together outfits check out my Pinterest board for inspiration! (link) You can find pieces that are already in your closet to build the perfect outfit!





Vanessa Jordan Couples

2. Be colorful

I understand that this isn’t everyone’s style but even a little pop of color goes a long way! Wearing all neutral colors tends to blend you into any background which isn’t what we want for your engagement pictures! Your engagement pictures are to focus on you and your finance and all the love you have for each other. Adding a few pops of color to your outfits will help you stand out against the background.

3. Add accessories!

Just like diamonds are a girl’s best friend, accessories are a photographer’s best friend. No really, have you seen how many lenses we carry around? But really, accessories help give your outfit that extra little sparkle and detail that can really bring your photos to life. Also being able to trade out accessories helps to bring more variety to your senior photos without changing into an entirely new outfit.

4. Have coordinating outfits

This may sound odd but believe me it makes the pictures that much better. You wouldn't want to wear a nice dress and your partner is wearing jeans a t-shirt. It looks very unorganized and misplaced. You don't have to be matching in color but at least be in the same ballpark of style. For example you have have a dressed down/casual option with jeans and a more business casual outfit. Plan ahead so you both know what you are wearing. If you are struggling for ideas, check out my pinterest board! (link)

Vanessa Jordan Couples

5. Don’t forget your nails!

You may be thinking, why do my nails matter? Well for engagement sessions most photographers like to get a close up shot of your ring which sits on your hand. A nice coat of polish gives a cleaner look. A camera is designed to enhance every detail even the ones we want to hide. Every nail professional will make sure you are photo ready. If this is also not in your budget I would suggest to add a clear coat to your nails.


Vanessa Jordan Couples

6. Smile!

Most importantly, bring your smile! Have fun because your senior session should be! Enjoy this amazing time of being in love.

I hope this helped any of you that are engaged prepare for your engagement session! As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out!

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Vanessa Jordan Couples