Business and Personal Goals for 2019

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This past year has been pretty incredible for my business. I started to really focus on it to pursue as a full time career, I organized my own styled shoots, built up a client base, invested in my education and moved across the county! It’s crazy to look back and see how far I have come. Today I want to set some new goals 2019, and also by sharing this list helps keep me accountable and staying on track.

Business Goals:

  1. Travel More

    This year I want to travel more for my business. My ultimate goal is to travel to all 50 states to capture weddings, elopements, and just the amazing bond between two people in love. I absolutely LOVE traveling and there are so many places in the US let alone the world that I haven’t seen yet! I can’t wait for those adventures to come to capture the true love of two people uniting in marriage.

  2. Help More Photographers and Small Business Owners

    After I went to Hope Taylor’s Retreat in Nashville last August I was really inspired to add an education piece to my business. I want to help other photographers and small business owners succeed with giving them the tools that I have learned on my own. I have started with branding packages which can give those who purchase them a jump start to their branding but I want to go even further. (Stay tuned to new offerings to come! ;)

  3. Have a Senior Spokesmodel Team

    This year I want to invest more into a senior spokesmodel team. In the past, while building up my business more, I really didn’t have the time in invest in an amazing team. This year I’m taking that leap. If you haven’t seen my Instagram lately, I have opened my Senior Spokesmodel applications for the Class of 2020 (Which close on January 14th!). I am really excited for all the incredible things I have planned for this group of seniors and to create this community that even when they graduate, they can always come back to.

  4. Collaborate with other Local Small Businesses

    With being a small business owner I know how tough it is to grow and find like minded people in your industry to collab with and bounce ideas off of. We are all here to follow our dreams and create great businesses that other people want to invest in. That doesn’t mean that we are out to get one another and pull each other down from our successes. It is quite the opposite. I want to help build up other businesses and see them succeed because when one of us succeeds, we all do. All in all, at the end of the day we are all trying to do the same thing, why not help each other out?

Personal Goals:

  1. Have More Patience

    Something that I have always struggled with is having patience. It’s not necessarily in a bad way but I am always excited for what is to come and I just want to know and then plan accordingly. (I am definitely a planner if you haven’t noticed.) I tend to plan way far down the road when I should really just stay present and live in the moment. It sounds so easy but really can be very difficult. With our lives running at such a fast pace it can be easy to fall into wanting to know what happens next. This year I’m going to enjoy each moment as it comes and live in it, good or bad.

2. Read More

If you know me really well, you would know that I love to read. As a kid, I really struggled with reading and had to take courses to help me read and comprehend better. Once I found books that I liked I couldn’t stop reading. I am constantly looking for the next best book to fill my mind with, even though I have an entire bookshelf filled with books yet to be read. But, you can’t blame me when as a middle school and high schooler I used to carry a book with me to classes and be able to finish five books in a month. So part of my brain still thinks I have that much time. This year I want to make more time read, because I feel that it helps you grow your mind and helps you grow as a person. Plus who knows, the next book you read might inspire you to do something amazing.

3. Trust Myself

This is something that has been a constant learning curve. I have been getting better for sure. I’ve trusted myself in starting this business, going for my dreams, etc. But sometimes, I notice small moments when I doubt myself. This is completely normal since I am human but I want to be able to really trust myself. Notice the doubt, address it, and then trust in myself and go for it. I find that when I really believe in something that I’m passionate about, great things will come from it. So why not take the leap? This goal is more so a reminder for me to keep growing and learning in this topic.

4. Enjoy the Little Moments

As I mentioned before, I want to be more patient and live in the moment. I have got to do some incredible things this year including traveling, and I want to consciously be in the moment. I want to challenge myself to not be thinking of the next thing and live in those big moments but also the small ones. Since I have moved out of my parent’s house, there is a lot more that I need to do as an adult which is all so exciting and can be annoying too. But it won’t be long until the excitingness of it wares away to be a daily routine. I want to make an effort to enjoy these little moments of being on my own and be grateful for the times I was living with my family.

What are your goals for 2019? Let me know below! Let’s boost each other up and help each other achieve our goals!

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