6 things you need to do to prepare for your branding session

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In past blog posts I have told you what a branding session is and why you need it for your business. (If you haven’t read that post you can read it here.) Today I am so excited to share my six go to tips on how to prepare for your branding session. These sessions are sooooooo important for your business so you don’t want to waste anytime during it! It my take a bit more planning before hand but let me tell you it’s SO WORTH IT!

  1. Come Up With The Goal For Your Session

    This may seem kind of vague but it is really important to help your photographer accurately tell your story. Do you have a brand new product launch that you want promotional pictures of? Are you offering a new service in your business? Are you rebranding and want fresh pictures to reflect that? Or is it a new season for some new images for your website and Instagram? Any of these can be a goal for your session. You don’t want to go into your session not sure what you want and then realize after what you should have done. That not only wastes your time but the photographer’s too. This is why I meet with my clients a week or so before the session to plan out any locations we may need reserved, iron out all details so we are both on the same page when the session starts. That way you are sure to get all the content you need out of the session!

  2. Location, Location, Location

As a part of your meeting, you will talk over with your photographer on what locations you should go to. DO NOT rely only on the photographer for location ideas. You know your business best so have some ideas to bring to the table. That way if they aren’t going to work, your photographer will know what you are going for and will be able to offer other options. You need to help your photographer understand your business to accurately tell your story. Tell them all about your course launch and what your customers connect with. This will be super helpful when picking locations.

3. have a timeline

During your meeting, if your photographer isn’t thinking of it already, plan out a timeline. That way you are both on the same page on how much time you have at each location to keep you both on track. Like a wedding day, branding sessions need timelines to keep everyone on schedule especially if you have other people involved in your session other than just you.

4. Plan out outfits and props

I HIGHLY recommend staying in close contact with your photographer up to the day of the session. I encourage my clients to send pictures of props and outfits they want to wear so I can help them find outfits that will most flatter them as well as pair locations to their outfits. That way it isn’t a surprise come the day of the session and we can better coordinate your day before hand.

5. sleep!

I tell this to every single client, no matter if you are a senior or an engaged couple, GET A GOOD AMOUNT OF SLEEP!! This is soooooo important! If you don’t get enough sleep before hand, it will show that you are tired in your pictures and you wouldn’t want that. I would give yourself plenty of time for rest and plenty of time to get ready the net morning for your session. That way there is not stress, and you will be perfectly rested and ready for your session.

6. hair and makeup

Lastly, I would encourage your to look into having professional hair and makeup done for your session. These are professionals that know how to make you look flawless in from of the camera. What better way to make you look your best than hiring a professional? I have personally done that for myself and not only was it nice to not have to worry about doing my hair and makeup, it was nice to be a little pampered.

I hope these tips helped you in preparing for your personal branding session! If you are looking to book a session with me you can click this link.

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