5 Ways to have the best senior session

Vanessa Jordan Seniors

As winter comes to an end, it's time to start thinking about senior photos! Whether you would like to have them in the spring or summer (two of my favorite times in my opinion) it good to start thinking about what you want. Being a high school senior once I thought I would share some great tips to have the best senior session and also to help make your photographer’s life a little easier ;)


1. Have a Pinterest Board


Believe it or not, having a Pinterest board for your session helps A LOT! I have had many clients that have had a board full of ideas of shots and concepts which made their session run much smoother. It helped me as the photographer know what they wanted out of the session and try to capture their moment within the style they were looking for. (If you want some ideas check out my Pinterest boards. They are FULL of ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/vanessajordanphoto/boards/ ) Sometimes, it's very hard to explain what you are envisioning for your portraits so it is much easier to show your photographer what you are thinking of. Remember this is YOUR session, so give your photographer as much info as possible to make it the best it can be. Do you have props you want to use? Bring them! Do love being in the city? Let your photographer know so they can help you pick the best location for your photos.


Vanessa Jordan Seniors

2. Dress Like You

Wear clothes that are your style. Don't wear something that you would never wear or are uncomfortable in, it will show up in your photos. Don't get brand new shoes and first wear them on the day of your session. You maybe walking around a lot so you don't want to have the struggle of breaking in your new shoes the day of. These pictures are to showcase you and your style so pick pieces that your love. Whether it is a favorite pair of sneakers or your favorite sundress, it will show in your pictures that you are a lot more comfortable and happier wearing something that you love.


3. Don't Get A Haircut

This may sound like the opposite thing you would want to do before your session but, getting a haircut or drastic change to your style might not be what you want. Down the road looking back at these pictures, you don't want to hate them because you had that "bad fad haircut" that you ended up hating right after you got it. Stick to your style and if anything just get a trim right before your session so your hair looks nice and fresh for your pictures.


4. Get Enough Sleep the Night Before And Leave The Day Open

Vanessa Jordan Seniors

This maybe a no brainer but really it's good to keep in mind. Getting enough sleep is important! You don't want to look tired and have dark circles under your eyes for your pictures! You want to look awake and fresh. So make sure you get enough sleep and eat before your session! You don't want to be working on an empty stomach, it will show up in your pictures that you are distracted and thinking about how a hamburger sounds really good right about now. You can brush your teeth right before so you look clean and fresh.The second part of this tip is leaving the day open. You don't want to schedule your session with a million other things on the same day. Again you will look distracted thinking of all the different places you need to be and things your need to do. Don't schedule anything else on this day and enjoy your session! You will be happy that you did.


5. Have Fun!

Lastly, Have fun at your session! This is the time to showcase you so have fun with it! Don't be afraid to ask your photographer to try something or tell them what would make your more comfortable. Their job is showcase you and capture your moment, so give them all the tools they would need. Thanks for reading until the end! I hope these tips help you or someone your know that is having their senior session done.