5 ways to have the Best Engagement Session

vanessa Jordan Couples

It's engagement season! Believe it or not but this is the time that the most people get engaged. It's such an exciting time! For those who are preparing for their engagement session I created this list to help you have the best session ever!

1. Have a Pinterest Board


Believe it or not, having a Pinterest board for your session helps A LOT! I have had many clients that have had a board full of ideas of shots and concepts which made their session run much smoother. It helped me as the photographer know what they wanted out of the session and try to capture their moment within the style they were looking for. (If you want some ideas check out my Pinterest boards. They are FULL of ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/vanessajordanphoto/boards/ ) Sometimes, it's very hard to explain what you are envisioning for your portraits so it is much easier to show your photographer what you are thinking of. Remember this is YOUR session, so give your photographer as much info as possible to make it the best it can be. Do you have props you want to use? Bring them! Do love being in the city? Let your photographer know so they can help you pick the best location for your photos.


2. Have Outfits that Go Together

Vanessa Jordan Couples

This may sound odd but believe me it makes the pictures that much better. You wouldn't want to wear a nice dress and your partner is wearing jeans a t-shirt. It looks very unorganized and misplaced. You don't have to be matching in color but at least be in the same ball park of style. For example you have have a dressed down/casual option with jeans and a more business casual outfit. Plan ahead so you both know what you are wearing.

3. Get Your Ring Cleaned and Your Nails Done!

You'll want to get a beautiful ring shot so make sure your ring is sparkling so it catches the light just right. That is something no photographer can create out of this air. You will be much happier with the results with your ring cleaned. Also they to get your nails done or at least painted. This way it creates a clean canvas that makes the ring pop that much more.

4. Get Enough Sleep the Night Before and Leave the Day Open

Vanessa Jordan Couples

This maybe a no brainer but really it's good to keep in mind. Getting enough sleep is important! You don't want either you or your partner to look tired and have dark circles under your eyes for your pictures! You want to look awake and fresh. So make sure you and your partner get enough sleep and eat before your session! You don't want to be working on an empty stomach, it will show up in your pictures that you are distracted and thinking about how a hamburger sounds really good right about now. You can brush your teeth right before so you look clean and fresh.The second part of this tip is leaving the day open. You don't want to schedule your session with a million other things on the same day. Again you will look distracted thinking of all the different places you need to be and things your need to do. You also don't want to be late! Your photographer most likely has a late policy where you pay a fee for how late you are. Don't schedule anything else on this day and enjoy your session! You will be happy that you did.


5. Have Fun!

Lastly, have fun with your session! This is the time to showcase you and your partner. To show why you fell in love and why you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Not every shot is going to be perfect and your photographer knows that. They will find the best ones and the more your relax the better the photos turn out! The photos show the real you and your partner and the perfect love you have for each other. Your photographer will be able to find those perfect moments that they will be able to capture that no pose can create. You will LOVE the result!