5 reasons why you should care about good graphic design

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Hey there friends! I'm so excited to share today's blog post with you! Today, I am sharing my top 5 reasons why you as an entrepreneur should care about good graphic design. It may seem like a silly thing to worry about but as a graphic designer, I see many businesses fall to the way side because they don't look professional. Their graphics and designs look cheap and they are making mistakes that they may not even realize! Not everyone is a graphic designer so this blog post is to help you! PLUS I have a new project launching on April 27th that relates to exactly this!! To stay up to date on that launch, make sure you are subscribed to my emails! Now without further ado, here are my top 5 reasons why YOU should care about good graphic design.

  1. Your audience will know who you are and what to expect

    This may seem self explanatory but really, good graphic design can help you become more recognized. You know how you go into a store or see a sign and just by their colors and use of design you are able to tell who they are? That’s good graphic design and branding. Without that it’s a lot harder for your audience to recognize you if you keep changing your look and style. You want them to be able to find you every time.

  2. People will be able to read and engage with your content

    You maybe thinking, how can people not read my content? Well I have a whole video about making your digital items and website ADA compliant. (Click here to watch). But basically, there are fonts and colors that may not be legible at all sizes and formats. For example, a really light blue against white might look great printed but could be really hard to see on your website. That’s how the color contrast checker can help! (linked here) You want your audience to be able to clearly read and interact with your website and/or other items so they can invest in your business. You don’t want them to get frustrated that they can’t navigate your site or read anything you print because then, they will look for someone else. I great way to check these things is to show someone else, which is why my big project announcement is soooooo important!!! Make sure you are subscribed to my email list so you don’t miss out!

  3. Your business will look professional

    With having good graphic design your business will look professional, which is self explanatory but I can’t tell you how my businesses ignore that fact. Graphic Designers know what colors and text will make an impact and attract your ideal audience as well as making attract designs. I you know how to use the software that’s one thing, but you really need to have an eye for design and understand how different designs affect people. This is why you should invest in a graphic designer or invest in learning these skills yourself.

  4. People can read your site and navigate it

    I can’t stress how important this is. YOU NEED TO CHECK YOUR WEBSITE. It is a law that websites need to be accessible to those with disabilities. Those who are blind or color blind need to be able to navigate your site. Also, you wouldn’t want to segregate people out just because they are different. Have a friend who has never seen your website before try to navigate it. You may discover problems that you don’t even know about! It’s always good to have someone else’s eyes on your project.

  5. Makes everything easier for you in the long run

    Once you have your elements for your business all set, you know what everything will look like moving forward which is SO MUCH EASIER than designing from scratch. Believe me, your life will get soooooo much easier.

I hope these reasons have helped you discover why this is so important to invest into your business. Don’t forget to subscribe to my emails to be sure you are the first to know about my new project that is launching!