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hey there small business owners, side hustlers and bosses! I know what it is like to continue to work hard for your business long after the 8-5 day job. We all have that dream of running our own business, making our own hours, and doing what we really truly love. Below are all sorts of resources that I have to offer for all the amazing bosses out there like you!

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Free Resources

Below are all the links to my free resources I offer for

all the side hustlers out there.

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Mentoring Experience

Along with being a photographer and small business owner, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Design Arts. I have seen countless small and large businesses a like make mistakes in their branding and marketing tactics. That is why I have devoted part of my business to help other small business owners with the knowledge I have gained. These one-on-one sessions will help you narrow down your exact branding and to keep it consistent across all channels of your marketing. These sessions take place at a local coffee shop in the Greater Nashville area and are two hours long. Brand new headshots, walk throughs of my best practices as well as being added to the Vanessa Jordan Photography Education community is included.

Mentoring sessions are $500.

Mentoring sessions is something that I am super excited to be offering! Working in person, is so much more incredible than any other eduction experience. You are able to ask questions directly to me and be able to get a direct answer (something that can be hard to get online now a days). On the day of your mentoring session, you will select either the morning or afternoon time slot. In between time slots, we will be meeting for lunch and head shots so that you get to spend time with me AND the other business owner I am mentoring that day! 
Before your session, you will receive in in-depth questionnaire that will help me get to know you and your business. From there, I will analyze your specific needs to create an outline of what topics we will cover at our session. We will spend a whole two hours together at a local coffee shop in the Greater Nashville area and I can promise we will have SO much fun!

Stay tuned for Vanessa Jordan Education Workshops to come!

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Check out the Blog!

Check out the blog!